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Meet Dr. Sound! TOA Corporation is proud to introduce a new brand ambassador, an innovative initiative, the first of its kind in the commercial audio and intercom industry.

Dr. Sound represents TOA's expert, friendly and personalized service, while bringing smiles to their customers.

He encompasses TOA Corporation’s core values and beliefs, embracing their corporate initiative “Smiles for the Public”. This initiative puts customers first, and provides customers with the highest level of customer service. The result is a customer who feels happy, safe and secure with TOA products, ensuring that they are smiling.

Dr. Sound embodies the image, strategy and values of TOA Corporation, standing behind the slogan, “We supply sound, not equipment.” Dr. Sound is a sympathetic expert when it comes to high-quality sound.

We feel that Dr. Sound is a relatable, knowledgeable, and likeable guy, having adventures around the globe with TOA branded products and installations. Dr. Sound is finding solutions for TOA’s customers; building direct communications, and helping customers feel more connected to TOA and their brand.

TOA Corporation is excited to introduce to you Dr. Sound. More than 80 years of experience in sound optimization cannot be imitated.