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Digital Mixer / Amplifier


The BG-2480D (480W) is 5-input mixer amplifiers designed for background music distribution and general announcements in commercial spaces such as bars/restaurants, retail stores and hospitality facilities. They are each equipped with an MOH output that permits two independent zones when used in conjunction with an optional external power amplifier with a line level analog audio input. These digital mixer amplifiers are lighter, more efficient and cooler running than conventional amplifiers.
Beyond these upgrades, the BG-2480D has the same basic feature set as analog BG-2000 models, including: Dual balanced priority mic/line inputs, dual unbalanced line input for BGM sources, assignable 2nd zone/MOH output, front panel bass & treble controls, remote volume control port, assignable mute function and a module option slot which accepts any range of compatible 900 Series input & special function modules.

Product Features

  • 480W output @ 4Ω 70V
  • Dual balanced priority mic/line inputs
  • Dual unbalanced line inputs for BGM sources
  • Rear panel-mounted DIP switches allow easy configuring of settings
  • Provides auto/manual mute function with adjustable muting sensitivity
  • Incorporates Remote volume control connection
  • 2-channel broadcast capability together with zone 2 expansion capability in conjunction with BA-200 Series
  • Tamper-proof, front-panel bass and treble controls are recessed to protect their settings
  • Thermal protection circuity prevents potential damage from excessive heat build-up
  • AC Mains Circuit Breaker
  • Supplied accessory security knobs for volume controls prevent unauthorized-volume setting changes
  • Remote volume control port (AT-10K)
  • Assignable mute function
  • Module slot accepts optional 900 Series plug-in modules for custom system configurations



  • MB-1000 Rack Mount Bracket
  • 900 Series input & Special Function Modules
  • Volume attenuators

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