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Multi-Interface (BGM, TEL, EXES, Control I/O)


A new lineup of optional IP interfaces allows expanded system operations. One of these devices is the N-8000MI Multi Interface unit.  The N-8000MI Multi Interface unit allows for two audio inputs and two audio outputs, 16 contact inputs and outputs each, a PBX interface for connection with a PBX via an OD (out-band dialing) trunk, and a tie-line interface for connection with the TOA EXES-2000 and EXES-6000 phone systems.

Note: Running the N-8000 Software requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express. Please be sure to download and install both programs for full software functionality. When using software version 3.00 or 2.02, all N-8000 devices on the network must have firmware version 2.0 or higher. Instructions for updating the firmware are located in the N-8000 system manual under: "System Settings Using the Browser: System Management: Updating Firmware."

Software v1.41

For customers continuing to use original N-8000 products only and who do not require any new features or functionality, you may update the firmware in your components to v1.41. This includes the following N-8000 models: N-8000EX, N-8010EX, N-8000MI, & Q-8540WP. Please note- ALL system components need to be updated to the same version firmware to ensure reliable operation. The firmware for your product(s) can be found on the TOA Data Library by clicking on the following link: Just enter the model number and follow the appropriate link (for U.S. models please use the "CU" version download)". Then click on the Software (firmware) link to download."

Note: Components with 1.41 or earlier firmware will not work with GUI software v2.00 or later.

Product Features

  • 10/100BaseTX Ethernet network connection
  • Occupies one network node ( 192 max.)
  • Audio Inputs for BGM, External Tone or Paging
  • Two audio line inputs (0 dBV) with two trigger inputs
  • Two audio line outputs (0 dBV) with two relay outputs
  • Contact Bridge
  • Sixteen contact inputs
  • Sixteen relay outputs
  • Telephone Interface (E&M type), two channels
  • Includes rack-mount and wall-mount brackets

The latest firmware version is 4.10(update:2014/11/13). The latest software version is 4.2.0(update:2015/04/03),and old version 1.41(update:2008/10/06). The Maintenance Software(Ver.1.2.0) is used to monitor or maintain equipment within the system(upload:2015/04/03).The recording software(update:2015/04/03).