TOA Achieves UL864 for Fire Alarm Audible Notification

TOA Achieves UL864 for Fire Alarm Audible Notification

December 08, 2016

TOA Electronics, Inc., a subsidiary of TOA Corporation, is proud to announce another step forward in Fire Alarm and Life Safety Systems. TOA's VM-3000 Series Voice Evacuation System, currently the only UL2572 certified/listed Voice Evacuation system from an audio manufacturer, has achieved UL864 certification/listing for Fire Alarm audible notification. This certification/listing is an important step forward to achieving a truly unified, full range (50Hz to 20kHz) audio head end. TOA's VM-3000 Series Voice Evacuation System can provide high quality background music/paging/noise masking to a facility with both live and pre-recorded Emergency messages (UL2572), and Fire Alarm (UL864) temporal and voice audible notification available at any time over the same set of loudspeakers. TOA's VM-3000 Series Voice Evacuation System remains listed to S-576 only for Canada (standard program material and Emergency Evacuation messages over the same set of speakers).

The VM-3000 Series Voice Evacuation System consists of one VM-3240VA AMQ Voice Alarm System Amplifier and up to nine expansion amplifiers (VM-3240E AMQ Extension Amplifier) plus battery management (VX-2000DS AMQ Emergency Power Supply Unit).

Fire Alarm system requirements are simple - any certified/listed new or existing addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel that accepts addressable input/output modules, typically a total of 10 addressable modules, (dry contact input and relay output), can interface with the listed (S25258) TOA system.

Type E is for Emergency. Type F is for Fire Voice.

For more information about this system, installation requirements, and design help, please contact your local TOA sales representative. To find your local TOA sales representative, click here.

To verify TOA's UL certification (listing), click here and type in PGWM for category code or PGWM/7 for Canada.

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