TOA Electronics, Inc. Introduces NF-2S Window Intercom System

TOA Electronics, Inc. Introduces NF-2S Window Intercom System


October 7th, 2022



TOA announces the release of its NF-2S Window Intercom System. The compact, yet effective solution, aids in minimizing sound and voice disparity of conversations utilizing partitions, by ensuring that each patron on either side – including those wearing masks, are clearly heard. 


The system is comprised of a single base unit with volume and mute controls, and two sub-units, which feature built-in magnets, 2-way conversation and noise cancellation capabilities. The system also allows for the use of headphones, along with an optional Expansion Kit (NF-CS1), and optional 5M extension cable (YR-NF5S).


The NF-2S provides quality sound, and smooth, natural conversation covering a wide voice band – making it ideal in a broad range of uses in different environments.


Available now from your local TOA dealer or distributor.


Learn more about the NF-2S Window Intercom System


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