Real-time Steering Array Microphone System

Real-time Steering Array Microphone System

Real-time Steering Array Microphone System


AMIO is the latest in the AM-1 Real-time Steering Array Microphone System series. The AMIO adds contractor friendly features (phoenix connector and small form mic connector from mic unit), enhanced user experience (2-color on/off LED, improved on/off switch) and a new, specially designed low frequency circuit for clear, articulate sound. In addition, the special user-friendly iPad app allows the user to monitor live, status of the sound source tracking, and make real-time changes to setting parameters.  Additionally, the AMIO has webpage access using a PC browser allowing for setting adjustments. With this technology, the presenter would no longer need to be "microphone-conscious" to get a uniform sound level while speaking and moving.

AM-1 Software Manual

The TOA MB-AM1B-Q/MB-AM1W wall/ceiling mount bracket option for its AMIO Steerable Array Microphone now adds more placement flexibility, making the AMIO more suited to conference rooms and other distance applications.  It is equipped for flush-mounting and can be ceiling-suspended with the use of some simple, off-the-shelf, 3rd party hardware.The HY-AM1B-Q/HY-AM1W-Q Angle adjustable pole is helping to install on Ceiling.

Click here to download the app to your iPad. (For iPad only!)



Real-time monitoring

  • Detection of sound source location
  • Signal level of 8 individual microphone elements
  • AMIO GUI Parameter settings

Parameter Settings

  • Tracking range (Horizontal angle and distance)
  • Tracking sensitivity
  • Tracking speed
  • Gain compensation
  • ON/OFF, Distance adjustment threshold
  • Duration (Time monitoring of sound source footprint)
  • Disabling of MUTE switch function on the microphone
  • Output gain level adjustment


  • Mute ON/OFF



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