IP Paging Horn Speaker

IP Paging Horn Speaker

IP Paging Horn Speaker


The IP-A1SC15 connects to your VMS network with a single LAN cable and can be assigned an IP address - allowing you to combine video and audio systems. Respond immediately to emergency situations with live announcements or prerecorded messages with one of four different audio broadcasting modes (SIP Direct Call, Multicast Streaming, VMS Broadcast and Remote API). This allows the broadcast to be prioritized right away - overriding any other current announcement. 

Additionally, the IP Setting Tool allows you to assign IP addresses to all IP Horn Speakers during set-up. Once you establish both the network and host ID for one speaker, all others will automatically assign IP addresses for the remaining devices. Finalize each IP horn speaker to its optimal sound by adjusting settings dependent upon height, distance and speaker environment. 

Grant access for API control protocols and the IP Setting Tool HERE

Firmware v1.6.0 available
*Once updated, cannot be downgraded back to earlier firmware.

IP-A1SC15 Set-Up Manual
InfoComm 21' Look Book
IP-A1SC15 Broadcast Pattern Remote Control UI
ISC West Look Book 2022
IP-A1 Series Brochure_
IP-A1 Series Receiving Device Setup
IP-A1 Series Setting Tool

  • Maximum sound pressure level is 124 dB at 15 W powered with PoE+

  • Operating temperature is -30°C to +55°C (-22°F to +131°F)

  • Up to 20 sound sources can be pre-recorded

  • Individual volume level adjustment for each audio source

  • Uniform sound level ensures listener-friendly voice announcements and audio playbacks.

  • The IP Setting Tool allows you to assign IP addresses to all IP Horn Speakers

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