Rigging Frame

Rigging Frame

Rigging Frame


The SR-RF8 Rigging Frame is used for flying or stacking the SR-C8L, SR-C8S, or SR-C15B Line array speakers.

Applicable Speaker SR-C8L, SR-C8S, SR-C15B
Number of Speakers to be Mounted Flying: Max. 12 (SR-C158B (option) is counted as 2 pieces.)
Stacked system: Max. 8 (SR-C15B (option) is counted as 2 pieces.)
Finish Steel plate, black, paint
Dimensions 510 (W) × 167 (H) × 690 (D) mm (20.08" × 6.58" × 21.17") (excluding bolt)
Weight 18.5 kg (40.78 lb) (including accessories)
Accessory Plate mounting bolt (M10) …12, Fixing plate …4, Sub-woofer receptacle piece …2
Option Rigging support bracket: SR-SB8 (absolutely needed when stacking 6 or more speakers)

TOA Type C speakers are module-type 2-way line array speaker systems featuring a 20-cm (8") low-frequency Neodymium woofer and two 2.5 cm (1") Neodymium drivers. They are designed to take advantage of original TOA phase wave front control technology, enabling creation of a sound field combining clear audio reproduction and uniform sound dispersion. Type C speakers consist of six models: one with a 15° vertical sound dispersion angle, making it ideal for shorter distance applications, another with a 5° vertical dispersion angle, intended for longer range sound dispersion applications, and a 38-cm (15") subwoofer model. Each of these three models is also available in a splash-proof (IPX4) variation. Combining different types of speakers enables creation of an optimal sound delivery system to specified areas. Type C speaker are designed to provide superior audio even in such often inhospitable applications as stadiums, arenas and airports.
Models available: SR-C8L, SR-C8LWP (weather proof), SR-C8S, SR-C8SWP (weather proof)

Type C speakers feature TOA proprietary "Sync-Drive" wave guide technology, to provide a uniform, high frequency sound field offering excellent sound clarity and minimal interference. Thanks to the well thought-out design of the speaker's phase wave-front control technology, high-fidelity sound is produced without causing attenuation of high-frequency sound. By changing the position of an internal connector, Type C series speakers can be used in single or bi-amp mode. SR-C8LWP/SR-C8SWP/SR-C15BWP are available to widen the range of potential applications. More flexible installation options are made possible thanks to a selection of available mounting brackets.

The line array speaker can be stacked or suspended with the additional use of the SR-RF8 Rigging Frame.

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