Speaker selector

Speaker selector

Speaker selector


The Q-SS9012PS Multi-Zone Speaker Selector has 2 amplifier inputs and 12 individual relay switches to select the amplifier connected to each 12 speaker line/zone. This allows up to 12 zones for paging and BGM distribution with a dual channel amplifier or simple paging system with only a one channel amplifier. TOA's new concept offers a real cost effective multi-zone paging system.

Power Source 24 V DC from AC adaptor AD-246 or equivalent
Power Consumption 400mA or less
Power Handling 250W or less (70V/100V line per channel (IN1, IN2)
Control Input 12 channels, dry (no voltage) contact closures, open voltage: 3.3V DC, short-circuit current: under 1 mA, removable terminal block (24 pins)
Speaker Terminal Removable terminal block (2 pins, IN1, IN2, Zone 1-12)
Control Terminal Removable terminal block (24 pins)
Operating Temperature -10°C to +40°C (14°F to 104°F)
 Finish Case: Surface-treated steel plate, black
 Dimensions 420 (W) x 44 (H) x 123 (D) mm (16.54" x 1.73" x 4.84")
 Weight 1.6kg (3.52 lbs)

Removable terminal plug...2
Removable terminal plug...3
Removable terminal plug...1


AC adaptor: AD-246, Rack mount bracket: MB-15B, Wall mount bracket: YC-850

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