Digital Processor

Digital Processor

Digital Processor


The new TOA DP-SP3 Digital Speaker Processor enables you to enhance your sound system easily and inexpensively. Designed specifically to work with speakers, the processor taps into characteristics of individual speakers and draws out their best possible performance, to help realize richer, more expressive sound in a variety of venues. The DP-SP3 has a built-in library of presets for the most popular TOA speakers, which enables you to enjoy well-balanced sound immediately, without going to the trouble of inputting complex parameter settings. In addition, a preset memory of up to 16 setting patterns allows you to instantly recall the setting you need for a particular venue. The processor is also packed with such essential audio processing functions as Equalizer, Crossover, Matrix, Compressor and Delay. Affordably priced and compact, the TOA DP-SP3 offers a solution for people who wish to improve the performance of their sound system.

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Digital Ambient Noise Controller (While Supplies Last)

Digital Ambient Noise Controller  (While Supplies Last)


The TOA DP-L2 Digital Ambient Noise Controller is a rack-mountable digital audio processor that automatically adjusts output volume in response to changing ambient noise levels. Typical applications include airports, shopping malls and restaurants.Conventional ambient noise controllers simply add the output to the ambient noise, making manual compensation adjustments necessary. The DP-L2 features a superior automatic level control (ALC) algorithm that automatically adjusts the input signal to maintain a level suitable for the surrounding ambient noise level, ensuring an appropriate input signal level at all times.The DP-L2 has two balanced Line Inputs and Outputs, one Ambient Noise Sensor Microphone Input and one Monitor Output . A range of microphones may be used for detecting ambient noise, including ceiling flush-mounted, dynamic and condenser types. Front panel LCD and controls allow easy adjustment of all functions with input, output, ALC and ANC level metering. A key-lock protect function prevents accidental changes in front-panel settings.

The DP-L2 is backed with TOA's five year product warranty.

Modular Digital Signal Processor

Modular Digital Signal Processor


The DP-K1 DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSOR is the ideal solution for a wide variety of installed sound applications including houses of worship, sports facilities, convention centers, airports, and many others. The DP-K1's modular design supports up to eight mic/line inputs and eight line outputs with flexible contact-closure remote control.
The advanced new Automatic Resonance Control (ARC) measurement and processing algorithm from TOA, improves speech intelligibility and sound quality in facilities with challenging acoustic environments. ARC automatically identifies room mode frequencies and applies an inverse response curve to compensate for the measured room response.

Additional audio processing tools include multi-band parametric filters, compressors, limiters, noise gates, crossovers, delays and more. Full input-to-output matrixing allows users to store and recall any input to output combination for multi-zone or room-combining applications. The unit is programmed via PC control software and includes a built-in network interface for remote access. The DP-K1 is covered with a five year product warranty.

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