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NX-300 Series Network Audio

NX-300 Series Network Audio


The NX-300PS US uses an advanced implementation of its Packet Audio™ streaming technology (same as NX-100PS US) with improved broadcast capacity & system expandability, WAV file functions and addition of other advanced features. The NX-300PS US can be used to create wide area PA and announcement systems over any IP network. Ideal for railway systems, airports, regional business broadcasts, Bank ATMs, parking system communications & industrial facilities.

The latest NX-300 firmware version is 2.0.1(update:2016/10/7).
The software version is 2.0.0(upload:2016/9/23).

NX-100 Series Network Audio

NX-100 Series Network Audio


TOA NX-100 SERIES NETWORK AUDIO is a reliable and easy to use solution for transporting mic or line-level audio signals over IP-based local and wide area networks (LAN/WAN), as well as the Internet. Applications include wide area paging, background music or messaging audio distribution for airports, convention centers, railway stations and transit systems.

The flagship model NX-100PS US transports variable bandwidth, bi-directional audio, up to 14 kHz, as well as serial RS-232 and contact closure data. Each half-rack sized unit includes a balanced mic/line input and output and a 10/100BaseT Ethernet jack for connection to standard network hardware. The rear panel includes eight programmable trigger inputs to initiate and terminate audio transmissions, eight programmable open collector control outputs and an RS-232 serial port for data transmission/reception.

The NX-100PS US also has a built-in web server to support browser-based programming, control and monitoring from any network-connected PC. Other features include multiple error correction modes, external 24 VDC input, and Flash-upgradeable firmware.

The new streamlined NX-100SPS US includes all of the same features as the NX-100PS US minus the RS-232 transport and external 24 VDC capability. Enhancements include front panel signal and peak LED's plus phantom power for condenser microphones.

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