Japan: KOBE Luminarie

Japan: KOBE Luminarie

The beautifully lit Kobe Luminarie has been held every year to symbolize the ongoing restoration and reconstruction of Kobe following the devastation of 1995's Great Hanshin Earthquake. Adding a poetic charm to winter in Kobe, it now attracts millions of people from all over Japan.

Photo ©Valerio Festi/I&F Inc.
Kobe Luminarie O.C.


TOA has taken responsibility for the Luminarie's main sound presentation from the very first year, and has made the lights seem brighter and more colorful by creating a musical accompaniment specially suited to each year's new theme. TOA's advanced technical know-how helps create a visionary world, with the music changing as people stroll through the arches of light, and sound effects scattered across the entire site, all culminating in an inspiring harmony that brings the closing ceremony to a poignant end.

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Japan: KOBE Luminarie Photos

Japan: KOBE Luminarie

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