Singapore: Bethesda Cathedral

Singapore: Bethesda Cathedral

Singapore: Bethesda Cathedral

The white church was completed in Nov 1995.
In the year 2000, it expanded their sanctuary. Expansion work commenced with the demolition of wing block on 7 Sep 2000. On 29 Mar 2002, we had our first worship service in the expanded building.


The 2000-capacity fan-shaped sanctuary is acoustically challenging because of its shape. TOA's SR-C8 and HX-5B are installed. A DP-K1, Digital Processor with ARC function is also used to further enhance the intelligibility of sound. As for the 500-capacity ground floor chapel, HX-5W and FB-120 are installed on each of the left and right side, with F-2000W acting as delay speakers.

Delivery information

System/Equipment SR-C8, HX-5B, DP-K1, HX-5W, FB-120, F-2000W
Date of installation Unknown

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