Warranty for TOAlert (EverAlert)

Warranty for TOAlert (EverAlert)

Warranty for TOAlert - an EverAlert system

TOAlert (EverAlert) Partnership, Warranty, Repair
& Replacement Information


TOA Electronics, Inc. has added the EverAlert system (an American Time product), to provide state-of-the-art visual notification and a cloud-based clock system that greatly expands the N-8000 Intercom System’s ability to provide networked control of bell schedules. These same capabilities can be added to our VM-3000 Emergency Communication System. TOA will provide pricing for the EverAlert system, which can be included in system quotations to meet the most stringent specifications and RFPs.


To receive TOA pricing, please submit orders to be processed through TOA. Please note, all EverAlert products will ship direct to dealer or job site from American Time.


Field wiring drawings and basic tech support will be handled by the TOA Product Support Group team (PSG). Our team can be reached at
800-733-4748 or
 techsupport@toaelectronics.comField wiring is a network drop, and depending on the equipment, local power. Access to the portal requires access to the internet. Connection to TOA equipment will be generated both as examples for download, and as PSG design drawings for projects.


PSG will provide support with programming and training. The user must grant us (or the contractor) temporary access to the system for security purposes. 




For warranty, please contact our Support team at 800-733-4748 or techsupport@toaelectronics.com.


All EverAlert products have a 1-year warranty from the ship date, which will be stated on your TOA Electronics, Inc. invoice. Please call TOA Electronics Product Support for problems with equipment and for return instructions.



Should equipment replacement be required due to a manufacturing defect (Ex. an EverAlert Dynamic Display was found to be dead on arrival), Please refer to our Product Support team to call-in for any replacements on your behalf. You may reach our team at 800-733-4748 or techsupport@toaelectronics.com.

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